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Sterling L-Line 6x6

With GVWRs up to 98,000 lbs. the Sterling L-Line workhorses are engineered for those medium-duty to heavy-duty vocations that put a premium on work: construction, refuse, utility, beverage, LTL and municipality. The L-Line steel cab (aluminum option, L/LT 8500 and 9500) has gained a well-earned reputation for not only its roominess, but for its quiet ride, structural integrity and durability. Frame, suspension and lightweight component options, help guarantee there’s a set of L-Line specifications to meet your needs.

Consider the new Mercedes-Benz transmission now available in Sterling L-Line trucks with the Mercedes-Benz Engine 900 option. The Mercedes-Benz MBT520 and the MBT660 offer low shift effort with gear optimized double cone synchronizers from 1st to 4th gear. An intuitive 6-speed gear pattern with precision gating and self-centering feature ensure that drivers shift worry free. A maintenance-free hydraulically actuated clutch system reduces pedal effort. Special Mercedes sealed bearings are protected against foreign material and enable a long transmission life of 400,000 miles. Heat-treated steel alloy gears and shafts are designed to withstand the trucking environment. This transmission works for you when you need it.

The job-proven high-performance vocational suspension was designed specifically for on/off road high articulation operations where it's important to traverse bumps, ridges and washboard without "bottoming out," even during "crisscross" articulation. Sterling's new TufTrac 2-Stage provides all of the high-performance features of the standard TufTrac, but also provides an improved unladen ride (by up to 30%) by using a 2-stage center bearing with a soft spring rate.

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