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Startracks Custom Medical
uses Midmark Medical Equipment as it's number one resource. Midmark is the single-source supplier of a full line of quality healthcare products including power and manual examination tables, sterilizers, casework, lighting, seating, electrocardiograms and dental operatories. Below is a pictorial outline of the vast inventory provided by Midmark through Startracks Custom Medical.

Please CLICK HERE for PDF Product Sheet of Typical Mobile Clinic Configuration.
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Midmark Operatories - The Operatories combines the quality, styling and design functionality of the Midmark Chair, Procenter Instrument Delivery System and the Midmark Light, into a complete operatory package. Pictures from left to right: Midmark Operatory, Midmark LR Operatory, Knight Biltmore Classic Asepsis 21 Operatory, Knight Concept LR Classic Operatory.
Midmark Table & Chairs - The Midmark Chairs and Tables provide the ultimate universal power options because it offers everything physicians need for their medical environment.. Pictures from left to right: Midmark 411 Power Table, Midmark 419 Power Procedure Chair, Midmark 405 Power Table, Midmark 491 Power Otolaryngology Chair, Midmark 417 Power Podiatry Chair, Ritter 311 Power Table with Rotation, Ritter 305 Power Table, Ritter 306 Easi-Riser Power Table.
Midmark Stools and Chairs - The Midmark chairs allow physicians to maintain a sterile field in their working environment. Pictures from left to right: Midmark 427 Air Lift Stool, Midmark 425 Air Lift Stool, Midmark 420 Upholstered Side Chair, Ritter 193 Adjustable Stool, Ritter 195 Air Lift Stool, Ritter 165 Blood Drawing Chair, Ritter 125 Air Lift Stool, Ritter 127 Surgeon Stool.
Midmark Carts and Cabinets - Midmark Carts and Cabinets are very popular and serve many functions. Pictures from left to right: Midmark 445 Special Procedure Cart, Midmark 441 Treatment Cabinet, Midmark 498 Power Procedures Center, Ritter 3740 Mobile Desk.
Midmark Lamps - Midmark lamps provide superior, white, shadow-free illumination, while remaining cool to the touch. Pictures from left to right: Ritter 151 Incandescent Exam Light, Ritter 152 Halogen Exam Light, Ritter 355 Minor Surgery Light, Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Light.
Midmark Automatic Sterilizers - Midmark Automatic Sterilizer are the best known in the medical industry. Pictures from left to right: Ritter M9 UltraClave™ Automatic Sterilizer, Ritter M11 UltraClave™ Automatic Sterilizer, Ritter M7 SpeedClave® Self-Contained Sterilizer, Midmark Soniclean™ Ultrasonic Cleaners.
Midmark Casework and Panels - Midmark Casework and Control Panels withstand the abuse and repeated cleanings which occur twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Picture from left to right: Midmark Modular Casework, Midmark Traditional Examination Room Casework, Ritter Modular Casework, Ritter Managed Care Examination Room Casework, Midmark 9062 Instrument Panel, Midmark 435 Waste Receiver, Midmark Towel, Glove & Cup Dispenser, Ritter 9067 Instrument Panel.
Startracks Medical serves business, education, government and medical facilities worldside.
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