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Each unit is represented by 4 frame captures for a quick review. Each video stream has two video types. LOW represents people with 56K dialups, which means you use a 56K modem to access the internet. HIGH represents people with DSL, Cable, T1 and any other flavor of broadband. If you try "high" first and it is choppy and very slow, then use the "low" version. We choose the .WMV (Windows Media Video) format because of it's superior compression while retaining clarity and good audio. It is supported by every player we tested. ENJOY!
NOTE: If your computer will not allow acceptable viewing of the streaming video's, we can provide them on VHS tape. Please email Bob Helvie with mailing address and video's desired. All of our video's will currently fit on one tape.
MEDICAL CLASS A: Our Medical Class A unit is the 35’ Mobile Clinic with Slide Out Room. Video shows all areas including patient waiting area, counseling area, examining room and table, nurses station, special toilets and sinks, cabinets and workstations.
MEDICAL CLASS C: Our Medical Class C unit is the Mid-Size Clinic. The video shows the 20’ interior, wheelchair accessible lift and operations, storage area over driver and passenger seat and private entry for staff. Please contact Bob for more information.
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