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Audiometric Units

Startracks Custom Medical can design unique audiometric custom mobile units. Original applications centered around testing for hearing. We utilize industry standard sound proofing into our units so that the testing is as accurate as a building location.

Mobile units incorporate either small multiple test booths or large custom sound test rooms. In each case, care is given to insure consistent sound attenuation performance as our units move from site to site. Custom central ducted air supply travels into sound booths through special duct silencers. Booths are installed on specially built floor and wall shock and vibration mounts.
Audiometric units can come in a variety of configurations, to include self-propelled, towed trailer, and semi-trailer. They can be supplied with air conditioning, heat, sinks, toilets, generators plus an array of additional options.

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Interior of Mobile Home Design Audiometric Clinic

Floorplan 1

Floorplan 2

Floorplan 3

Floorplan 4

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