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Laboratory Supplies

Startracks Custom Medical
carries most the laboratory supplies needed to stock your mobile medical clinic fully. We want to be your easy one-source for your laboratory equipment, lab supplies and scientific requirements. Providing products at best value, for you, our Customer, is our specialty. If you do not see an item you seek, please contact Bob Helvie.
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Erlenmeyer Flasks

Erlenmeyer flasks are commonly used for simple measuring, storing and mixing of liquids. They are of similar to beakers but less than graduated cylinders, measuring pipets or burets.
Glass Beakers

The beakers are borosilicate glass (heat resistant) and graduated along the sides for measurement. These are perfect for heating liquids and storing solids in the laboratory.

Watch glasses offered in popular sizes will be useful in any laboratory to be used as covers for beakers or flasks and for evaporations during sample preparation or for microscope use.

Ground and finished stopcocks for leak-free operation. They feature durable, permanent markings; fine, sharp lines and large, easy-to-read numbers. Our Burets meet ASTM specifications.
Filtering Flasks

These are used to speed up filtration in conjunction with a vacuum aspirator connected to a faucet. The flowing water creates a vacuum in the filtering bottle which pulls the liquid through faster.
Pippet Bulbs

The orange pipette bulb can be used with the 10ml pipet. The thumbwheel pipetter is designed for use with the 2ml pipettes but will also work with small sizes. Neither work with corrosive liquids.
Test Tubes

A glass test tube is the most common of lab supplies. Made from borosilicate glass for strength & heat resistance. Optional marking spot allows for pencil notations.
Graduated Cylinders

Glass graduated cylinders are handy for accurate measurements of small volumes of liquid and will not cloud if exposed to materials such as concentrated NaOH, or any hydrocarbon
Electric Autoclave

Use this portable, self-contained electric sterilizer wherever you need an autoclave. Powerful immersion heating element, Fenwall thermostatic control, automatic release valve.

Available in both refrigerated and non-refrigerated, our line of benchtop centrifuges provide expanded versatile, large volume performance in a high-tech compact unit.
Bunsen Burners

We sell adjustable bunsen burners with threaded needle valves, high-temperature burners, micro burners with adjustable orifices and tirrill Burners. Natural or LP gas supported.
Hot Plates

Gas-operated compact ceramic hot plate provides an efficient source of infrared heat. Most have solid state push button auto ignition and heat output is fully adjustable.
Digital Microscope

Our digital microscopes features "plug and play" computer connection. All you have to do is plug them in, turn them on and instantly, large, full-color video of the specimen being studied is displayed.
Stereo Microscope

The extremely versatile dual-illumination system provides halogen illumination from both the base upward and incident lighting from above. The trinocular model includes adapters for 35mm.
Bio Microscope

The biological microscope features heavy-duty, all-metal construction with graduated mechanical stage and precision International DIN standard eyepiece and color-coded objectives.
Inverted Microscope

Our inverted microscope combines the newest Infinity corrected CCIS optics, with unrivaled ergonomic features to provide its users with clean and crisp images with less operator fatigue.
CBL2 System

The TI Calculator-Based Laboratory System Measures motion, temperature, light, pH, force, dissolved oxygen, pressure, and more! The CBL 2 is a powerful data collection device
Hanna "Checker"

Obtain fast and accurate readings for the cost of a few rolls of litmus paper. Compatible with virtually any screw-type pH electrode. Test from 0-14 pH with 0.01 resolution and accuracy of 0.2 pH
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