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Planmeca ProOne
Planmeca designed their fully digital Planmeca ProOne, an all-round dental X-ray unit, with simplicity in mind. Still, no compromises were made in applying the latest state-of-the-art technology. In Planmeca ProOne, compact dimensions and ease of use are combined with extensive diagnostic capabilities and superior image quality. Planmeca ProOne truly inherits Planmeca’s expert knowledge and long traditions in dental imaging.

The Planmeca ProOne side entry allows easy access for all patients; the exposure can be performed of a standing or a seated patient. If necessary, the patient can even remain seated on a wheelchair or lay in a hospital bed with upright lifted backrest. In Planmeca ProOne, no mirrors are needed for patient positioning. Instead, the patient has an open and comfortable view, so for instance a small child can see the accompanying adult at every stage of the exposure.
Patient positioning is assisted by a triple laser beam system which accurately indicates the correct anatomical positioning points. The midsagittal plane positioning beam shows the correct sideways alignment of the patient’s head. The Frankfort horizontal plane positioning beam allows the correct head forward tilt. The focal layer positioning beam indicates the focal layer’s position in the incisor region which helps position the patient accurately inside the focal layer for a sharp and clear image.

The full colour TFT display has a graphical user interface (GUI) that guides the operator with text and clear graphic symbols. The GUI design is based on cognitive ergonomics; hence all settings are logically grouped and easy to understand. This hastens the imaging procedure and allows the operator to fully focus on patient positioning and communication. All necessary information is shown on the main display with a hygienic wipe-clean surface.
The Planmeca ProOne X-ray unit requires neither assembling nor adjustments, which is not the case with most X-ray units on the market. Planmeca ProOne is delivered fully assembled, in one package, and ready-to-mount. Which is why the installation is rapid and straightforward. All one has to do is to fi x the X-ray unit on a wall or on a free-standing base, and the unit is ready for immediate use.

The fully digital Planmeca ProOne X-ray unit provides absolute ease of use with cutting edge technology. The wide selection of exposure programs and parameters on the unit graphical user interface ensures that all types of radiographic examinations are highly rapid and effortless to perform. Being small-sized, Planmeca ProOne brings the benefits of digital imaging within the reach of every dentist the world over.
A self-diagnostic control system continuously monitors the unit. The system displays help messages which guide the operator and enable the correct use of the unit. The control system also displays error messages in case of abnormal operation. These error messages are stored in an error log to help both the operator and the technical service.

Planmeca ProOne checks automatically signal paths to sensor and Dimaxis and goes to ready mode when these are ready. Planmeca ProOne can take images also without computer connection. The images are stored in inner memory and can be imported to Dimaxis afterwards.

The digital Planmeca ProOne is supplied with the Planmeca Dimaxis imaging software. Planmeca Dimaxis includes the following dynamic and easy-to-use image processing tools:
  • Adjustments of the image greyscale for optimal image contrast and darkness
  • Filters for image sharpening and noise reduction
  • Angle, length, and level measurements
  • Imaging communications through annotations, diagnose window, image export, and printing.
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