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45ft Tag Axle Class A

This bus chassis offers a new integrated body and chassis design; independent front suspension and air disc brakes; ergonomic dash design; panoramic insulated glass windows; multiplex wiring system; and an easy access engine service compartment. This particular model shows the Custom Crafted Slide system that is self-contained and does not require space from the luggage area.
A popular heating option is Espar's D5LC & D8LC Air Heaters which are designed for applications such as cargo trucks, vans, clinics and bus conversions and RV's. These heaters combine a high heat output with a relatively small size. Heat outputs range from 18,800 BTU to 27,300 BTU. These air systems are compact with all heat creation and fan distribution. The heaters have from two to four heat levels and cycle between these levels according to the temperature desired by the user.
The Aqua-Hot Heating System provide a continuous on-demand supply of domestic hot water, 3-zone interior hydronic heating (heating with hot water) and engine preheating. The Aqua-Hot is typically found on the mobile units where bay storage is larger. It contains a 50,000 BTU diesel-burner and 1650 watt 120 volt AC electric heating element. It burns diesel and is available in 12 and 24 volt DC voltage systems. The fuel consumption averages 1 to 4 gallons per day.
Another great option we offer is the Wallas Flush-Mounted Stove. The product allows us to optimize the space. It has a separately installed oven and independent operating switches that can be placed as desired, e.g. out of reach of children. All ceramic stoves are equipped with stepless power adjustment. Once switched on, the cooking properties and heat are on a par with a home stove. The fuel for these diesel oil-operated devices can be taken from the motorhomes’s main tank.
We offer several models of the Onan Diesel Generator line to fit your configurations. These devices are so quiet and smooth, you won't believe they're diesels! Setting the standard for diesel RV generators, the Quiet Diesel™ dramatically lower noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels for luxury RVs. They feature computer-controlled variable speed operation--matching engine speed to load demand to minimize noise level. They can run 2 AC's with plenty of power to spare.
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