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Peterbilt Model 335 4x4

Available in Class 6/7 truck and tractor configurations, the versatile Model 335 is a top performer in a wide array of applications, including pickup-and-delivery, construction, fire and rescue, beverage, municipal and refuse. Operators will appreciate its outstanding maneuverability and driver comfort upgrades, while accountants will rely on a level of day-in, day-out dependability that translates directly to low overall operating costs. The Model 335 is built to deliver years of practical, economical performance.

At the heart of this workhorse is a lightweight, rugged, corrosion-resistant all-aluminum cab. The cab is constructed with aircraft quality Huck fasteners and topped off with a one-piece aluminum roof for a truck that is rattle-free and road ready despite the rugged demands of constant use. Durability is further enhanced with the Model 335's unique one-piece hood with integrated fenders, both of which are constructed of Metton®, a state-of-the-art composite material that is lightweight, highly durable and impact resistant. This sloping, aerodynamically styled hood also improves visibility and styling.

The new forward lighting system has a higher intensity beam with broad, even light distribution that provides 40 percent better down-road coverage than conventional sealed beam systems. Improving serviceability are vertical height adjustment that can be done without opening the hood and bulb replacement that requires no special tools or hard-to-find replacement bulbs. A strong, durable Lexan lens casing prevents cracks and chips.

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